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IRS Audit Representation for Houston Taxpayers

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Our IRS audit specialists represent Houston and Harris County taxpayers to prepare, navigate, and prevent IRS audits of all kinds

With such a large population of individuals and businesses in and around Houston, in turn there is an increased risk for IRS audits being imposed by the IRS.  IRS audits can originate from a few simple oversights on your tax returns, and of-course from a taxpayer having alarming errors on their tax returns.  In addition, the IRS randomly selects taxpayers to cooperate with an audit, similar to the TSA at airport security.  It's important to note that most audits are harmless and simple, where the IRS requests that you mail them specific tax records via mail and its settled shortly thereafter.  But in other cases where the IRS identifies red flags on your returns, they will exercise a field audit, where they show up at your home or place of business to conduct the audit on-site.  Regardless of the nature of an IRS audit, if not handled correctly, it can evolve into a very hazardous situation.  If you are a local individual in or around Houston facing an audit, it's important that you educate yourself on the nature of audits and how it can impact your future.


The Nature of IRS Audits

Audits are typically enforced if the IRS identifies any errors on your tax returns where income or expenses are reported improperly, or if there any large discrepancies between your current and past returns. For businesses, if they identify you are mis-classifying your employees, failing to sufficiently report income, or if your business deductions are overzealous, your business will be targeted for an audit.

As mentioned previously, regardless of the nature of the audit, there are huge risks involved if the IRS targets you or your business for an audit.  If you are facing an audit or would like to take steps to avoid them, we encourage you to contact us today and we'd be happy to discuss your situation and options available for IRS audit representation and defense.  You are the key in taking the proper steps to maintaining healthy tax status, and we are here to provide guidance for Houston-area individuals and businesses that want to maintain their tax compliance.


Professional IRS Audit Representation for Houston Individuals and Businesses

Although you should take it very seriously, being targeted for an IRS audit shouldn't be a cause for panic.  Don't let an impending audit impact your future, professional IRS audit representation and defense is just a phone call away for Houston and Harris County taxpayers.  Our dedicated team of tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents are ready to evaluate your case and represent your best interests with the IRS to properly settle and avoid hazardous IRS audits.  Contact our President, Tim Halcomb today to get started. 

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