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We work with Houston residents with offshore assets or international employment matters to properly resolve and manage international tax issues

Along with a variety of stressful domestic tax problems, many Houston-area residents find themselves in complicated situations involving their offshore investments or international employment. Recently, the U.S. Government and Treasury have mandated strict regulations that require U.S. residents involved with international investing or employment to file specific documentation, accurately, and on time.  The problem is, these regulations continue to evolve, making it harder and harder for Houston residents with international tax obligations to remain compliant.  And just like any other tax delinquency, the Government will exercise detrimental penalties against those who have international tax delinquency.  For any kind of international investing or employment complications, Houston Pure Tax Relief has a team of international tax attorneys and CPAs that work with Houston residents to settle any tax problems, and remain compliant for the life of their international tax status.


Our International Tax Specialties

FBAR & FATCA Compliance

If you are a Houston-area resident that owns foreign investments of any kind, you must accurately and timely report a FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts) and FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) documentation on a yearly basis, otherwise you will be targeted for violations from the Government.  These regulations were recently mandated by the U.S. Government to monitor and regulate any kind of international assets a U.S. resident owns, including bank accounts, mutual funds, life insurance, real estate commodities, or any investment that generates capital gains.  Basically, you are generating income, and even though it isn't on U.S. soil, the Government and U.S. Treasury requires foreign asset owners, and their respective Foreign Financial Institutions to comply with FBAR and FATCA regulations, or face strict penalties, seizures, or even criminal prosecution.
With so much on the line, it's crucial that you consult professional FBAR and FATCA relief to remain compliant and to protect your offshore investments.  Our expert team of international tax specialists can offer you a personalized plan to resolve any existing tax problems, and maintain compliant with your FBAR and FATCA moving forward.

International Employment & Business Consulting

There are many Houston-area residents that have business operations offshore, or are involved with international employment of some kind.  The tax obligations can be tricky in cases like this, as there are many different variables involved depending on the country(s) and type of work being done.  To resolve and avoid international employment issues from the IRS, it's in your best interest to consult an international tax professional that can help you better understand your international employment tax obligations and how to avoid IRS problems.  Our international tax professionals are prepared to help you today for all your international tax consulting needs.


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Our international tax services cover a wide range of foreign asset and international employment compliance.  We look forward to protecting your foreign assets and helping you remain compliant.  Contact our President, Tim Halcomb, today for a free consultation.

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