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IRS Back Tax Forgiveness for Houston Taxpayers


We work with Houston and Harris County taxpayers to pursue convenient IRS back tax forgiveness and prevention programs

If you are a Houston-area resident trying to cope with IRS back taxes, you are among thousands of other taxpayers across the state of Texas just like you in need of help to resolve them.  It's not just about having outstanding tax debt, it's also the other hazards that you encounter if your back taxes remain unsettled.  Penalties, interest, garnishments, and levies are all the ugly cousins of IRS back taxes, and it will only get worse as time goes on.  If you are a recent victim of IRS back taxes, or you have been dealing with lingering back taxes for some time, we are prepared to speak with you today to discuss the various IRS back tax forgiveness and relief strategies available to you.  The tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPAs at Pure Tax Relief are experts at working with Houston-area taxpayers to pursue a convenient and proven IRS back tax relief strategy designed to properly settle your outstanding tax debt, protect your assets, and help you avoid IRS problems moving forward.


IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Solutions

IRS Installment Plans

The most common method of settling IRS back taxes is through pursuing a monthly installment plan with the IRS, but qualifying for a plan that caters to your financial and personal lifestyle takes professional help to properly present your case to the IRS.  Our team of IRS tax attorneys and enrolled agents will evaluate your tax and financial status, and negotiate a payment plan with the IRS that will allow you to live in comfort, and keep you safe from collections. 

Offer In Compromise (OIC)

An Offer In Compromise is a program where the IRS agrees to reduce your tax liability and will accept less than you owe.  Many faceless tax gimmicks you encounter on the TV, radio, and internet promise consumers that an OIC is obtainable. The truth is, only taxpayers with certain financial situations can qualify for this IRS back tax relief plan.  Qualifying for this plan requires the proper negotiation and proof of financial hardship.  Our licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents have the ability to pursue this option for you.

Currently Not Collectible (CNC)

CNC status, or "Hardship Determination" is when the IRS puts a hold on your back tax collection, mainly due to circumstances where you are financially unable to live comfortably while paying off their tax balance.  Just like an OIC, qualifying for this status requires the proper conditions and negotiations with the IRS, which is only achieved by a licensed tax professional. We have helped local taxpayers achieve CNC status, and may be able to pursue that option for you as well. 


Proven solutions for your IRS back taxes

If you are ready to take back your financial freedom and rid yourself of crippling IRS back taxes and the number of tax problems that come from it, we are ready to speak with you today.  Contact us today to speak with Tim Halcomb for a free personal consultation.

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