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IRS Tax Relief for Houston Taxpayers

IRS tax relief Houston TX

Personalized tax relief solutions for Houston and Harris County residents experiencing IRS tax problems

Pure Tax Relief is proud to serve taxpayers of Houston and Harris County with proven tax relief solutions for IRS back taxes, penalties, wage garnishments and levies, IRS audits, business tax problems, international tax problems, plus any other complicated tax problem that Houston individuals may encounter.  Our tax relief specialties are about more than just settling tax debt, it's about providing peace of mind to our clients by offering personalized tax help with superior customer service.  If you are a local taxpayer ready to settle your IRS problems, we are prepared to speak with you today to evaluate your situation, and build a personalized tax relief solution designed to properly settle your tax problems, and avoid IRS complications moving forward.

Comprehensive Tax Relief Solutions for...

IRS Back Taxes

If you have IRS back taxes and you don't seek prompt and professional back tax relief, it can evolve into many more detrimental and hazardous tax problems.  The IRS will continue to accrue tax penalties, interest, and eventually target you for collections (wage garnishments and levies) if your delinquent tax debt prolongs.  Our licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents offer proven IRS back tax forgiveness programs for our Houston-area clients.  We negotiate with the IRS on behalf of our clients to pursue Installment Agreements, Offer In Compromise, and Currently Not Collectible programs.


Tax Penalties & Interest

Again, time is your worst enemy when it comes to owing IRS back taxes, as the IRS will continue to tack on penalties and interest as long as your back taxes are delinquent.  The IRS tax code has over 140 penalties that can be executed against a Houston taxpayer, depending on the nature and longevity of your tax debt.  Houston Pure Tax Relief offers IRS tax penalty abatement (settlement) strategies for Houston-area individuals struggling with tax penalties. Through proper IRS negotiation, we can reduce or even eliminate tax penalties accrued as a result of your outstanding tax debt.


IRS Audits

The IRS closely monitors tax returns to identify any potential errors or signs of fraud, and will issue an audit if any red flags pop up. Not only that, but the IRS issues thousands of random selection audits against unsuspecting taxpayers. Regardless of the purpose of an audit, it's crucial that you have proper IRS audit representation and defense on your side to prepare, navigate, and avoid future audits.  We have helped many Texas taxpayers prepare and settle IRS audits and maintain healthy tax compliance.


Wage Garnishment & Levies

If you have failed to settle your outstanding tax debt, you will eventually be targeted for a wage garnishment or levy from the IRS.  It comes down to time and the nature of your tax delinquency.  Once the IRS decides to take action and collect what is owed to them, they will overstep any legal boundary to either garnish a portion of your wages, or levy your assets or bank accounts.  As serious as it is, by no means should you lose hope.  If you are a Houston-area individuals being targeted for collections from the IRS, or are currently a victim of a garnishment or levy, our team of licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents can contact the IRS on your behalf to stop wage garnishment and levies, but you must take action today.


Also Providing Professional Tax Consulting & Preparation for our Houston Clients

Not only do we provide professional tax relief services to protect our Houston clients from the IRS, we strive to help them maintain healthy tax status and remain tax debt-free. Our expert CPAs work with local individuals and businesses to evaluate their tax status and construct a viable accounting and tax preparation plan to help them stay compliant.


Professional, Comprehensive Tax Relief for Houston-area Individuals

If you are a Houston or Harris County individual with tax debt and want to avoid IRS collections against your assets, we are prepared to have a discussion with you to offer a personalized tax relief and consulting strategy.  Contact us today to speak with our President, Tim Halcomb, for a free personal consultation.

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