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We work with Houston-area business owners to resolve business tax problems and provide all-inclusive tax management solutions to help them succeed

Houston consists of many hard-working business owners that pour their blood, sweat, and tears into growing a successful business. With all the responsibilities involved with owning a business, the last thing a business owner wants to worry about is the IRS compromising their livelihood. We've seen too many times where a few simple oversights on a tax return or payroll filing evolves into a hazardous and fatal situation for a businessWith so much on the line, business owners of Harris County deserve a reliable tax relief and consulting firm that has the expertise to resolve any existing business tax problems, and offer sound tax management and accounting solutions.  If you are a business owner of Houston or Harris County concerned about the tax welfare of your business, or are looking to start a business and need help preparing your taxes and finances, we'd love to have a discussion with you to construct a plan to preserve and expand the well-being of your business.


Solutions for Business Tax Problems

Payroll Tax Problems

Payroll tax problems are a very common and stressful issue for business owners, as they can arise very easily from a few simple mistakes. Sometimes a business owner may be strapped for funds and are unable to satisfy their payroll tax obligations, or in most cases, a few simple oversights or miscalculations happen when submitting payroll taxes.  Regardless of how payroll tax debt originates, any kind of payroll tax debt will grow into a nasty situation for a business if not handled properly.  We have helped hundreds of business owners rectify payroll tax problems, and help them maintain payroll tax compliance for the life of their business.

Worker Classification Matters

It may seem simple to classify workers as either W-2 or Contractor, but there are many grey areas and stipulations involved where if not handled properly, can evolve into a detrimental situation for a business. Worker classification errors happen very often, and if the IRS identifies them, your business will be targeted for audits, penalties, and even seizures.  It's important as a business owner to understand how to properly classify your employees to avoid IRS penalties, and we can help bring clarification to the criteria and conditions involved with worker classification to keep you compliant.

Business Expense and Deduction Matters

It's very common for a business owner to get overzealous on their business expense reporting.  Why wouldn't you want to write off as many expenses as you can?  Understandable, however if the IRS identifies deductions on your tax returns that do not fit the criteria for a business expense, you will most likely find yourself dealing with IRS audits, and other detrimental penalties.  If you are a Houston-area business owner experiencing problems with overstated business deductions, or would like to avoid them to keep your business compliant, our business tax specialists can help you resolve overstated deductions and maintain proper compliance with the IRS.

Tax Management & Accounting Solutions

Our dedicated business tax specialists take pride in resolving existing IRS tax problems for our business owner clients in Houston. However, the most important service we offer to Harris County business owners is our innovative tax management and accounting solutions.  We offer all-inclusive, personalized tax preparation, payroll, accounting, cash-flow management, and bookkeeping solutions for Houston-are business owners with one goal in mind:  To sustain consistent growth, profitability, and avoid IRS problems.  Our tax attorneys, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents work together to handle all year-round tax, payroll, and accounting needs for a flat monthly fee, and we are looking forward to doing the same for you and your business.  We invite you to contact us today for a free personal consultation to discuss your business goals and how we can help you reach them.


Comprehensive, All-Inclusive Business Tax Relief & Management Solutions

Houston Pure Tax Relief takes pride in helping businesses thrive by helping Houston-area business owners avoid IRS problems and grow through personalized tax management solutions.  For any tax problem or tax consulting need, we are ready and willing to meet, and exceed your expectations.  Contact us today to speak with our President, Tim Halcomb, for a free business tax consultation.

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