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Pure Tax Relief offers tax help to individuals and businesses with IRS back tax problems. From our tax help location in Milford, Michigan, we work with clients throughout the greater Houston area to provide peace of mind and freedom from lingering back tax problems. The tax attorneys at Pure Tax Relief are licensed in the state of Michigan, permitted to represent clients before the IRS. In addition, our tax attorneys are licensed to appear before the United States Tax Court.

We provide tax relief strategies for individuals and businesses who have failed to file tax returns and/or owe back taxes. In addition to employing a full staff of tax attorneys, we also employ a staff of experienced CPAs, who help to identify IRS errors and who can prepare delinquent tax returns for our clients to bring them back into compliance with the IRS.

There is no need to walk around in perpetual fear that the IRS is going to show up at your home or business. Once you hire Pure Tax Relief, we will manage all communications with the Internal Revenue Service and all communications from them will be directed to us. We will work with you to develop a comprehensive tax Relief plan that works for you and the IRS, and eliminate that horrible feeling of being trapped by your IRS back tax problems. The consultation is FREE, so we invite you to get tax help you can trust! (281) 407-2707


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