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Tim Halcomb

"Our goal at Houston Pure Tax Relief is to provide the hard-working individuals and businesses of Harris County a professional and customer-friendly solution to IRS problems. Our dedicated team of IRS Tax Attorneys, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents take pride in working with our clients to properly settle all individual, business, and international IRS problems, with a focus on maintaining healthy tax status moving forward. Whether you have IRS tax debt you need settled, or need a professional consultant to manage your accounting and taxes, we are a full-service firm that puts our clients first.  Call today to speak with myself directly for a free consultation, and I will make sure your IRS problems are handled immediately. We are tax relief you can trust!"

Tim Halcomb ~ President of Houston Pure Tax Relief

For Individuals

IRS Back Tax & Penalty Relief

IRS representation & relief for IRS debt / penalties

Tax Attorney Representation

Our licensed tax attorneys provide a legal advantage in settling IRS problems

Wage Garnishment/Levy Relief

Protecting your hard-earned assets & wages from the IRS.

IRS Audit Representation

Professional IRS audit defense & representation.

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For Businesses

Payroll Tax Matters

Settle & prevent delinquent payroll taxes.

Worker Classification

Employee or Contractor? Worker classification consulting.

Overstated Deductions

Helping you properly classify & file business expenses.

Tax & Accounting Services

All-inclusive tax & accounting solutions for your business.

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International Tax

FBAR Consulting

FBAR relief & consulting for your foreign investments.

FATCA Consulting

FATCA relief & consulting for your foreign investments.

Foreign Employment/VISA Worker

Tax relief & consulting for international employment.

Tax & Accounting Services

Professional tax preparation & offshore asset planning.

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Are you a Houston-area resident struggling with IRS problems?

Is the IRS threatening to seize your assets or wages?

Are you a local business owner experiencing business tax problems?

Houston, TX is one of the most diverse economies in the state, and even the country. Unfortunately, with such a thriving population comes the increased risk for IRS tax problems for its citizens.  Houston Pure Tax Relief is a professional tax relief firm located in Houston, TX offering local individuals and businesses professional IRS help for back taxes, penalties, wage garnishments & levies, audits, business tax problems, international tax problems, plus professional tax management and accounting solutions to keep individuals and businesses free of IRS problems.

Founded by Tim Halcomb in 2004, Tim and his team of licensed tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents strive to offer a personal touch to their Houston-area clients.  Pure Tax Relief believes "tax relief" isn't just about resolving IRS problems. It's also about providing honest, customer-friendly IRS help that the faceless "1-800" tax relief marketers fail to deliver. If you are experiencing IRS problems of any kind, we can't stress enough how important it is to take action now before the IRS targets your wages and assets. Our President, Tim Halcomb, is prepared to speak with you today to listen to your situation, and prepare a personalized tax relief and management solution to settle your IRS problems, and maintain healthy tax status for yourself, or business moving forward.


IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Programs

IRS back taxes affect thousands of taxpayers in and around Eastern Texas.  Back taxes can emerge from a number of different situations and circumstances, but regardless of the nature of your back taxes, they will become extremely detrimental if you don't address and settle them in time.  Houston Pure Tax Relief works with Houston-area taxpayers to represent their best interests with the IRS and qualify them for convenient IRS back tax settlement and forgiveness programs.


IRS Tax Attorneys & Enrolled Agents

We have an experienced team of in-house Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents that specialize in resolving even the most complicated tax debt problems.  Whether it's an individual, business, or international tax problem, our IRS Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents can exercise their exclusive advantages to settle your tax problems.


Wage Garnishment & Levy Relief

As tax debt and penalties continue to linger, the risk of IRS collections grows substantially.  If you have outstanding tax debt and are concerned the IRS may seize your assets or wages, or are currently facing a wage garnishment or levy, we can stop wage garnishment and levies for you, but you must act immediately!


IRS Audit Representation

Many Houston individuals or business owners find themselves facing an IRS audit exercised against them.  Some audits are very minor, but some can evolve into very serious situations if not handled properly.  Regardless of the nature of your IRS audit, we advise that you consult with our IRS audit representation specialists to construct a winning strategy to properly navigate your audit.


IRS Tax Penalty Abatement

As your IRS tax debt goes unsettled, you will continue to accrue nagging tax penalties and interest as a result.  Just like any other tax delinquency, letting tax penalties and interest prolong can lead to a hazardous situation.  Our team of tax penalty abatement specialists can assess your tax delinquency and reduce, or even eliminate your tax penalties as a result of outstanding tax debt.


Relief for Business Tax Problems

Business tax problems are an unfortunate reality for hard-working business owners around Houston.  There are a multitude of common tax problems for any business, each one can originate from even the simplest oversight, but can evolve into a very hazardous situation for your business. If you are a local business owner with business tax problems, or would like to take a proactive approach to avoid IRS problems and maintain healthy tax status, our professional business tax consultants are prepared to address your needs.


International Tax Relief & Consulting

Houston-area residents that own offshore assets or are involved with international employment/business matters are subject to many complicated tax obligations, which can evolve into IRS tax deliquency if not handled properly.  We have a team of international tax specialists that work with local residents in need of protection for their offshore investments, and tax preparation and resolution for international business matters.


We Are Available For All Your Tax Relief & Consulting Needs

Contact us today to speak directly with our President, Tim Halcomb for a free consultation.  We offer flat-rate pricing and superior customer service.

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